Violence against LGBT people

Apart from the fact this is like being in a parallel universe, Wayne – I don’t believe in violence, and nothing like this ever happened in all the 22 years I spent at school & college – if anyone had ever dared to start this kind of crap, the entire class would have jumped on him immediately – we stood shoulder to shoulder, and we were always there for each other, no matter what happened.

How the hell do the schools get out from under? – they have the responsibility for these kids – they KNOW this shit happens – they have a duty of care to the kids at risk – if they fail, THEY are liable – the Principal, probably some of the teachers, the school board, the lot.  Damages claims could run to millions.  WTF are they doing, just sitting back and letting it continue?

And of course the kids who are doing it are, too – careful timing of any lawsuit, get the thing started now, get judgment in 5 years time, wait another 5 and declare them bankrupt for non-payment of the judgment for damages and costs – they’d have no credit rating for all of trhat time and well into the bankruptcy period, so borrowings for housing, cars or credit cards would be totally “out” – the thugs would be in their 40s before they could really start living a normal life, if anyone seriously pursued them along those lines.

It’s not like heterosexuality does a great deal for “the American way”.  Something like a third of their marriages end in divorce, and I was reading something this morning that suggested there’s a HUGE social cost in that – not just for the parents and the kids – but apparently, with the split and the resultant need for two houses, this causes a demand for over half a billion extra gallons of water (in many areas, an increasing scarce resource) & an extra 73 gigawatt-hours oof electricity, at a time when there’s world wide concern about climate change and electricity generation is one of the major contributors to global warming – allegedly.  Not that that’s an exhaustive costing – it’s just another insight into the “value” to the community of “str8” sexuality – and if the str8s want to be nasty to the GLBT community, then it’s entirely appropriate to subject the str8s’ behavior to the microscope, too.

What has always puzzled me is this – I don’t give a rat’s ass what st8s do in their bedrooms – so WTF are they so interested in what happens in mine? 

It’s not as if I do it on the street and frighten the horses – although I HAVE seen str8 couples doing precisely that, GLBT’s do have a marked tendency (probably out of fear of being attacked, otherwise) to be noticeably more discrete than str8s are.  Yes there are exceptions – yes it is a generalisation – but to evaluate the two species, that’s how you have to approach it.


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