Mr Fischer says Gays caused the Nazis

Thanks to you too, BB – without the benefit of your lucid explanation, all I could see coming out of what you have identified for me as Mr Fischer’s piehole was a substance resembling dog’s vomit.

I wonder whether these evil pricks ever slow down to consider the damage they cause to other people’s lives?  His behavior is the very kind of thing which exposes so many people who may be younger or less experienced or less certain of themselves, less self-confident perhaps, to all sorts of problems.  Bullying, depression, suicide, misguided attempts to live “normal” lives leading to them becoming more screwed up than ever, and all sorts of other problems.

It’s easy enough for me – in 70 years, I’ve only ever been chided about my sexuality three times – once by the headmaster (who chose to overlook it), once by the only daughter of the richest & most powerful guy in the state (who was putting out the feelers – God she was such a beautiful girl too, if I HAD been str8 I would have leaped at the chance), and once by an idiot I was forced to put up with when I was working for the government (I wreaked a horrible revenge on him, for his homophobic attitudes, but that’s a whole other story).  Never met a basher – had a couple of “conversations” about it with cops, but one wanted to have sex with me (well, actually, we DID have sex together – LOL)  and the other one was only curious to know what it felt like to be fucked – nobody in the family really cared, although mum might have preferred that I was more normal, it wasn’t really my bag on any level or in any context, so that wasn’t going to happen – when one of my best friends sent my christmas card one year, he actually wrote the words “FUCKED ANY GOOD CUNTS/ASS HOLES LATELY?” in block capitals, on the front of the envelope, right next to the address, where it was impossible for the Post Office people not to see it.  Basically, everyone knew and nobody cared.

But there are a heap of people out there who are suffering badly because of people like this ass hole Fischer.  The kids at schools right around the country who are being bullied or tormented – physically or on Facebook or Twitter.  The suicides or attempted suicides.  GOOD people, who are ending up so screwed up because of this kind of behavior that they simply can’t deal with it, and can’t cope.

NOBODY has the right to do that.  Their freedom stops his where theirs starts – and they have the right to live their lives in peace, without this horrendous effort to destroy them.

And you are so totally right in comparing his behavior to the demonisation of minorities engaged in by the Nazis – the homosexuals, the jews, or any other minority that Hitler or his pals didn’t like.  Decent folk have to make a stand against these evil people – and brandishing a cross doesn’t make them less evil – in my mind, it’s the opposite, it makes them MORE evil.

Jean Pierre

BasicBull <>

Subject: Re: [HOTSWEAT] Bryan Fischer On Why Gays Are Responsible For The Nazi Party

First off, I should sue either You Tube or Mr. Fischer for product liability, since I fell out of my chair and hurt myself rolling on the floor in laughter.

What I find really ironic about Mr. Fischer’s derisive use of his First Amendment right to free speech is that the Nazi Party got its foothold in German politics by unwarrantedly demonizing an identifiable minority segment of the population.  That’s how ALL bullies come to the forefront in their respective cliques, demonizing or picking on those unable to defend themselves.  And that’s EXACTLY what Mr. Fischer is doing all over again – demonizing an identifiable segment of the population.  While those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it, those who learn the wrong lesson from it doom others to suffer its consequences again.

The other festive twist of irony from Mr. Fischer’s gaping piehole is the use of de-stereotyping for personal convenience.  Referring to “homosexual thugs” is very much counter to the stereotypical homophobes almost all hold in common – that gays are limp-wristed, spineless sissies.  To craft this “homosexual thug” image, they are conceding that they, themselves, might fall victim to some pansy-ass sissified, but hardcore-right-from-YoMTVRaps-thug.  If the stereotype don’t fit, not only must you acquit, but you must shut your yammering piehole.

And a significant element of history that Mr. Fischer seems to have forgotten (not that he seems hellbent on recalling it overly honestly), is that while the Nazi Party was responsible for the Holocaust, the victorious allies of World War I were largely responsible for fertilizing the ground and ploughing the field and readying it for the seed of National Socialism to take root.  The Treaty of Versailles ending World War 1 provided for no recovery/reconstruction of defeated Germany.  The Treaty also levied such reparation payment requirements upon Germany that it was unable to even begin reconstruction of its infrastructure or economy.  The victorious allies of World War II had learned this lesson and provided for aid and reconstruction for the decimated countries of both Germany as well as Japan. 

I suppose a side lesson we can take from this is that while the First Amendment gives us this unique entitlement to free speech, by extension it also gives whackadoodle nutjobs like Mr. Fischer the right to sound as ridiculous as he wants.

And finally (and in humor), if it comes to pass in the halls of history that gays are adjudicated as being responsible for the Nazi Party, can’t we consider all of the faboo floral arrangements and fierce hair designs over the years and call it a wash?    


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