Junk Science – Ex Gay Therapy

While the Christian website, OneNewsNow.com and outfits like NARTH, the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family – and people like Charles Socarides and Michael Brown – may all be “preaching to the choir”, they are in fact extremely dangerous.

The article Wayne has brought to our attention (below) contains a number of comments from those sources, all of which demonstrate that those people have a real talent for manipulating the truth or destroying their opponents by vilifying them and discrediting them.  It is so blatant – the Nazi Party’s propaganda machine in the closing years of the 1930s and the WW2 war years, 1939-1945, would have been proud of them.

The trouble is, that at the end of the day they are “words in the wind”. Saying them changes nothing.  The American Psychological Association has long ago told the country that there’s no sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed.

I may not have been born with a cock up my ass, or mine up someone else’s.  Is that what these morons mean when they claim I wasn’t born gay?  I sure as hell have never been anything else.  I have certainly never been heterosexual.  I wasn’t fucking the nurse that attended my mom, when my screams first hit the air waves.  I was totally uninterested in girls and absolutely fascinated with male sexuality, male hairiness, male physiology, as far back as I can remember – and that’s a bloody long way, because I have clear memories right back to early childhood.  By the time I was 9, I was “deflowered” and loved it.  At least six times, other people have tried to “talk me around”, with no success whatsoever – I simply wasn’t interested, that might be what THEY wanted, but it sure as hell wasn’t anything that I wanted.

And if my existence – and the existence of millions of others like me – “undermines Christian values and the traditional family”, well I would suggest their values and their traditional families are all pretty flaky and scarcely capable of enduring anyway.

Are they serious? – I have a gay relationship with someone in Nebraska and some halfwit in Miami drops his or her bundle, rejects the teachings of the Lord and goes home to his/her wife/husband and says “it’s all over darls – JP has wrecked it, the wheels have fallen off, my Christian values have vaporised and I no longer care about traditional family values – so I refuse to eat fish on Friday”?  Deary me – I must remember not to make so much noise, while I’m having a good fuck.

Hey – BTW – being called a leftist is a throwback to McCarthyism.  I’ve had that one chucked in my face so many times – the real laugh is, the left thinks I’m a conservative and the right thinks I’m a socialist – but the fact is, I’m neither.

Now isn’t that interesting? – merely not belonging to them means (according to BOTH sides of politics) that I MUST, therefore, belong to the opposition.  Neither of them seems to be capable of grasping the possibility that I might just prefer to believe in something that is “correct”, something that is good for the whole of society (instead of just their group).

It’s the same for these “Christians” and anti-gay “family associations”.   Any half decent parent loves his or her kids, no matter what.

These people claim “family values” and despise anyone from their own or someone else’s family who doesn’t agree with every piece of crap they utter.

These “Christians” have driven so many people out of the churches of America and other western nations in the past 50 years, it’s beyond a joke – and their claim to “christianity” is a claim that they can be “Christians” without following the teachings of Christ – ho hum – like Gandhi said,
“I like your Christ.  I do not like your Christians.  Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


Jean Pierre


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