Hate crimes

The imagined and feigned surprise that occurrences like the assault below is novel and relatively recent bespeaks a naivete’ beyond consciousness and reality.   All the hate crimes throughout the ages have always been about the inability to accept differences in both people and politics and beliefs.  As much as it is beating a dead horse,  the most common source of such discrimination and demand and determination to invent and clone everyone into immutable cretins like themselves,  it all stems from that beastly and irresponsible illusion and fallacy of what is considered good and what is determined evil by the worst of the worst,  those who claim the various religions and after life theories as their reliance and for imprimatur to act as intolerable and inhuman as they do.  It  matters not that what they do and why conflicts with that great loving but avenging  flying spirit they proselytize about and behove the rest of us to identify with and imitate.  The avenging part I get but the love part they are so remiss about escapes me.   Those of us who are the object of that scorn and abuse find that it is the most difficult to assuage that incomprehensible dichotomy about how they preach and act.   To cite both is as inane as it is more than extraordinary unrealistic.  In their black and white world it should be, as well as it is in most of our’s,  not only  certifiably impossible and incongruent but , also, just willfully cruel, mean and mendacious.

If the young don’t receive the hate messages from their homophobic and latent and repressed fathers and male role models,  they receive those hideous and destructive inclinations from their coaches and repressed sports idols and men who resort to all kinds of acts and gimmicks and impersonations of what the public has come to imagine as “manly,  masculine and epitomizes the “jock” fantasy about being so str8 and filled with excess opposite sex loaded testosterone.   That false ideology and bad science and particularly bad acting and emoting has been called in to question more than once in the last five decades by well known and objective scientists and behaviorists.  It’s projection and diversion at it’s worst.     

Truth be known,  for those sensitive to recognize the deception in them if there be any,  are usually the most manic and  deliberate about acting as macho and tough.   Shakespeare said it best when he describe protesting too much.   As has been said so many times before,   str8 men comfortable in their sexuality are “good” and comfortable  with queer others because they have no doubt about their gender and are not intimidated or feel threatened  with those who find their  attractions and comfort zones different but just as unconflicting and natural  in the same but different attraction/manner.   What is abundantly clear is that those who have the cringes and repressed desires and tendencies which they refuse to acknowledge,  the latent crowd who must not only prove to themselves of/that their str8 “wholeness”  is not fractured and to others who they sense might detect in them what they don’t want known,  they,   are the ones who resort to the physical demonstrations which are to prove them and their inner most sexuality,  their very self worth and heterosexuality  to others by attacking the images which trouble them the most in their own minds.   The striking out is more about self hate and self inability to identify with their most inner and personal anxieties and virtual acknowledgements to others and those who don’t understand that behavior than the outward effort they want other to believe is based on the inner hate and to deny what is destroying themselves.   It’s a transference of guilt and claim of innocence and the biblical term is an old one…SCAPEGOAT!  

It is no wonder that children,  boys in particular,  who imprint on their fathers and those they feel are the role models they have and identify with at such a tender and developing stage in their lives are compelled just like the adult men in their lives do and strike out at what they find so intimidating…either, by association or just by having thoughts that what they are seeking to destroy is what they actually feel is in themselves and wish to eliminate.    It is a common example of the psychology of the repressed and self hate we see so much of today. 

We need to look no farther than the members of congress and the clergy and all those other hypocrites who thump their bibles,  attempt to pass laws restricting homosexuals and their rights in every way and method possible and who in time and after the horrible damage and discrimination they have contributed to,  to millions of others are found to be charged in all kinds of violations of their own laws,  religious tenets and sexual prohibitions,  they,  themselves have been railing against for so long for and against those millions of others.   It would be considered retribution if it were not so vile and despicable.   The media is filled with examples of these hypocrites,  politicians and preachers,  especially who have been found in flagrante delicto after spewing the most incendiary accusations towards others for years and years.     Again,  it is the effort to disassociate the very feelings and acts which haunt them by becoming the most vociferous adversary in the offense.  

The musical,   SOUTH PACIFIC,  presented a marvelous song, ” YOU’VE GOT TO BE TAUGHT TO HATE”,  decades ago and it is still so relative and cogent today.   Children aren’t born to hate queers,  they see hate and injustice  an repeat it.   Where those  images comes from is more than likely by the men reported above and until that kind of fear and repression is stopped and condemned,  the bullying and physical and mental abuse to others will not stop.    Ignore the prelates and decriminalize the discrimination and loathing and when men are comfortable being just whom they are and not whom they are supposed to be by some shaman who has proscribed their existence,  there will not be the horror we see to the school kids or the rest of the gay bashing anymore.    Joe


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