Double Standards

What I really choke on is the way these double standards have extended beyond there, into the now very much publicised and extremely evil and sinister child molestation activities of many people within the church, and the church’s wilful and ongoing failure to deal with it in a realisting and responsible fashion.  Hiding behind the “seal of the confessional” is no excuse.  Abusing the confessional to exploit the confidentiality that comes with it is a travesty, for those priests and others who’ve “gotten away with it all” over the years.  And it’s pointless and futile for the church to pursue that path, because the whole of the rest of the world is baying for their blood, now that this is out in the open.

I was raised as a christian – very close to the Franciscans and my local priest[s] – went to a church college (our version of your “private schools”) instead of high school – continued for years afterwards in the church choir – used to help my local priest with his parish work in my spare time.  And now I feel totally disillusioned and alienated.  I cannot go to church – it makes me feel physically ill, thinking of those kids and what’s happened.  And the rot doesn’t stop there – there’s the rubbish about the bishop in Africa telling the faithful not to use condoms, because they’re made in America and the Americans impregnate them with the AIDS virus so if you use condoms you’ll get AIDS – that’s WORSE than “quite bad enough” – but the Pope failed to censure him for it and seemed to back him over the issue.  And of course there are other issues.

I cannot see this filth being cleaned up in my lifetime, so I am resigned to the fact that I am now going to “meet my maker” without further contact with the church.  I choose to believe that God understands – I know the church does not – but to me, God is more important.


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