Don’t Ignore people who are having problems in public

I only ever once had anything like that experience – it lasted about an hour – I collapsed screaming with pain, in the gutter, outside one of the major downtown cinemas and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON STOPPED to see if there was anything they could do. Instead, they all recoiled in horror and fled.

It’s NOTHING like what you’re living with. I only mention it because that experience gave me the opportunity for a very brief 60 minutes or so to “cross over” and experience what it would be like on the other side. But I was only 21, I was otherwise young and healthy, the problem passed by itself, and I was able to get up and get on with my life, and live a “normal” life.

You can’t. Others like you can’t. Here, it is now mandatory to provide disabled access to office buildings. Why isn’t that true in America? Anyone who can afford to build a monstrosity like Trump Tower can certainly afford the cost of a ramp, and a couple of dedicated parking bays, and disabled toilets. If they can’t, they shouldn’t be allowed to build the bloody thing in the first place.

And this attitude that “it’s not my problem” simply isn’t acceptable. Without any fault – without any warning – it can happen to ANYBODY – at ANY time. So EVERYONE should care about it – even if only because they are selfishly guarding against their own risks.


On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 9:32 PM, michael maynard <> wrote:

I am also in a wheelchair and missing a leg. I lost mine to PVD not a vet. Anyways the other day here in new York state I had gone to a store with no handicap parking. That’s not the issue but it was snowing and slippery and I fell trying to get the chair out of the car. And what bothered me most was the people just walked by and looked. No one offered to help.

My biggest bitch would be with my insurance company there office has 10 steps to get into the building no RAMP. I use to be able to go there knock on a window or call on cell phone and they would come outside. Then one day it was starting to snow and when she came out she said she wouldn’t do it and more. Now when I go there I have to park the wheelchair on the sidewalk and get on the ground and scoot up those stairs on my ass.


On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 11:38 PM, ED <> wrote:
I agree with you on deaf people driving. I worked with a deaf guy years ago and he was fully able bodied to do and respond to things without much difficulty. Plus, you failed to mention, with all of the people walking around with ear-buds in their listening to music or having a book read to them that they never hear my horn when I beep at them. Bush wanted everyone to be vigilant yet they cannot hear anyone sneaking up on them, or is anything of any urgency was happening.

Master Adrian <>
What is wrong with being deaf and being driving a car?

These days most people have the music so loud that they never will be hearing the sound of emergency sirens, and deaf people see the stop-signs, see the flash lights of the emergency vehicles, and see the pedestrians……. as well as the road signs….. What is there more to see?

Idiots who sent txts? Fools who stop in places they block traffic? Morons who are hold conferences while supposed to be watching the road?


Hate to tell you but there are loads of deaf people behind the wheel in several states.

Tom andrews
And just what is a deaf person doing driving? Makes as much sense a blind driver.

Tom the gf
On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 8:00 AM, spencer dean <> wrote:

You can be 100% disabled for hearing loss, and get a parking placard.

Just saying.

In this day & age, when practically everyone has a cellphone with a camera in it, it’s madness to park in a disabled bay unless you ARE disabled and have the sticker or whatever to show your right to use it. Anyone can photograph you on the spot, and in most parts of the world, the fines for breaching this one are savage.

I was appalled by your story, Wayne – there’s even less excuse for him using the wrong booth (it’s like pinching the disabled toilet) and as for his behavior, there’s no excuse in the whole wide world for carrying on like he did. Some stores would simply escort him from the premises for behaving like that.

I read an article in this morning’s paper about “getting old” – one of the comments was about getting tired of other people’s “opinions” – actually, I now have a whole string of things I dislike in other people, including people who are:
– rude
– greedy
– selfish
– ill-mannered
– sneer at others who are different in any way, like racism, homophobia, picking on people who are handicapped and so on
– have too many opinions and won’t even consider that not everyone agrees with them
– shove their beliefs in other people’s faces

It’s come with age – but what’s brought it ob is a lifetime of observing other people and an accumulated dislike of people who don’t know how to behave towards others. “BE NICE OR FUCK OFF” The reason is simple – as my mother said over & over about things that pissed her, “life’s too short” – too short to waste my time (or yours) putting up with nonsense from people who are simply unpleasant.

Here’s another tag that turned up overnight, which I’m going to shove at some of these people when they provoke me

John Paul <> wrote:

I have been disabled from birth. I have Cerebral Palsy and at times use a power wheelchair along with a service dog. I have experienced the same thing more times then I care to admit. Depending on my mood I often ask the person why they feel the need to use resources that others need to function in public. I have also blocked the entrance to accessible rest/fitting rooms making the rude assholes ask me to move so that they can get out of the stall. I don’t feel that society owes me anything but society has lost some of the respect and common courtesy that should be given based on physical need.

harry bailey <> wrote:

naw, people like that need to be shot right then and there. I used to draw outlines like they do on cop shows in the parkin lots when I met som arsehole like that.

Hi Men , This was my experience today on a rainy day in Denver Colorado …Most of you know , I’m a disabled Vet .I lost my leg 8 years ago due to 5 blood clots under my left knee …They don’t know if it was caused by something ( like agent orange ) or something else ….Amywho , I walk on crutches when I don’t have to stand long but I use my wheelchair when I’m going to be awhile in a store …. It was a gloomy , rainy day in Denver today so I decided to go to one of my favorite Goodwill stores … I got some sweaters and shirts and put them in my cart and wheeled myself and cart to the booth where you try on the clothes before you buy them …They have 4 of them for men and one is marked with the same disabled sign as you see in the parking lots …I started to go toward it and a man came out of one of the booths and looked at me and went to the disabled booth and entered and proceeded to lock the door . I said , excuse me sir but that’s for disabled people like me with a wheelchair , that’s why It’s bigger than the rest ..He stormed out of the booth and went to another booth , mumbling something under his breath …I went in the booth locked the door and started trying on the clothes . I heard a woman talking to him and asked him what was wrong with him and he said , God damned guy thinks just because he’s disabled and in a wheelchair , he’s entitled to a bigger booth …..I couldn’t believe ( but yes I can , stuff like that has happened so many times ) he was so fucking stupid and rude !!!!!!!!! …..I tried on the clothes , kept some , left the booth , got me some music cd’s , a doggy bed , some shirts for my other half , paid for it all and left …My day was made sad for what the guy did . People are so , so rude to the disabled and really are arrogant …fines need to be tripled for people who are not disabled , that park in those disabled spots ….Don’t get me wrong , there are some wonderful people who are very helpful too …..and on the other hand , I see some disabled that are sob’s to people and think other people should bow down and kiss their asses .. I usually tell them to get a grip ! 


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