Argentina has become the first country in the world to record in its register of births a child with two fathers

Tobias, 3 weeks old, was entered in the register of births as the son of Carlos and Alejandro.  In doing so, it has become the first country to recognise the concept of co-paternity in the world, with full force of the law.  He has been recorded as the son of two fathers – Carlos and Alejandro.

This gives the child equality before the law and guarantees the rights to non-discrimination.  In a statement, the agency noted that for the first time the world recognises a co-paternity entry in the same terms as any other entry.  And added that in this way, Argentina is at the forefront of protecting and promoting GLBT rights.   The Argentine LGBT described the day as historic – devoted to the equality before the law for of all children of a “equal” marriage.


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