The video clip only plays in the US – thankfully, since this man Colbert’s views are NOT worthy of publication to a wider audience – in fact, they’re not worthy of publication at all.  Stephen Colbert Draws The Inevitable Link Between Marijuana And Gay Marriage:

In searching around for an alternative copy of the clip, I found this – which is probably just as bad:

The Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act yesterday and though it still has a tough battle in the House, Stephen Colbert is already railing against the measure.

In a tongue-in-cheek segment on the Colbert Report last night, he warned fellow conservatives that ENDA could open the floodgates, literally:

Today it’s transgender people. Tomorrow, the government will tell me I can’t fire a mermaid. Oh, I’m sorry, excuse me…a hermaphrotrout. No matter what it costs me to make her cubicle watertight.

Silly Stephen, everyone knows being a mermaid is a choice.

Colbert also revealed he’s planning on firing Colbert Report staffers that don’t share his particular peccadillo.

I was confronted by someone with equally self-opinionated opinions recently, on a different subject, and found myself constrained to commiserate with him – I think my exact words were “I’m so sorry to learn that your mother’s abortion was unsuccessful”.  He didn’t appear to appreciate it.  Maybe that’s because he didn’t like it when someone treated him, the same way he treated others.

I can’t help feeling something similar is “required” for this Colbert.  Maybe some chewing gum laced with superglue.


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