Kern: It’s ’Hateful’ to Say Gays Are Born That Way

All her foul remarks are
purely dogma – she cites no factual evidence in support of any of them – she’s
about as offensive to anyone else as it’s possible to be – and like so many
other bible bashing braindead crackpots, she clearly has NO knowledge of what’s
in her beloved Bible.


Let’s take the Bible.


The Bible contains six
admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That
doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love heterosexuals. It’s just that they need more

Or as Bishop John Shelby
Spong said:

I think all people need to understand is that the pious rhetoric of religion,
including quotations from the Bible, do not make hostility acceptable.
Religious rudeness is still rude, religious anger is still anger and boorish
people who are religious are still boorish. No one is required to absorb anger
even when it is perfumed with a religious scent.

Let’s look at her
revolting remarks about the people she offensively refers to as
“blacks” – if they are no hard working people, why do
“whites” bust themselves to employ them to do their work for


Why are the jails
disproportionately filled with “blacks”? – because the enforcement
program for drug-busting puts them in and leaves wealthy “whities”
happily snorting coke in their homes, far from any law enforcement officer –
that’s not “news”, the whole wide world has been hearing about it for
years past.  She must have been unconscious – like Snow White, only in her
case Snow muddy-look grey? – for the past 7 years of more, to be oblivious
of that.  But of course she’s NOT oblivious of it – she’s just lying,
which is in line with her total lack of any kind of “morality” – she
just wants to bath herself in “hypocrisy”, instead.  Like the
guy said – why spoil a good story with “facts”?


We have shorter life
spans? – let’s see, now – I’m the only one in my immediate family – ignoring my
brother’s kids, the average age of my grandparents, my parents, my siblings and
me runs out at 10 years younger than I am, and my brother & I are the only
two who aren’t dead.  If I add on his kids, it’s worse – it reduces the average
by 10 years, and puts me 20 years past the family’s average life
expectancy.  And still kicking!  Which leaves me in a minority, since
there are only 5 of us left out of an original total of 15.


We’re the country’s
biggest threat?  – oops, I’m not in the US, leave me out of this –
recognising the existence of gays results in the end of civilisation and the
destruction of the nation?  Hey lady – they are there, whether you choose
to recognise their existence or not – what the freaking hell are you trying to
say? – that NOT recognising the fact they’re there will avert this terrible
catastrophe?  Lady – I dunno what that pill was that you were popping when
we started this discussion, but I can assure you it’s not a placebo or your
prescibed medication!


There’s no hope for me
in the recognition that I’ve always been this way?  Hang about a bit –
hope of what? – I’ve had a stellar life, a good education, degrees from two
universities, in charge of running a government department by the age of 29, at
the top of my profession by the age of 37, can’t remember how many letters I
had after my name but it was somewhere around 32 or 34 – had a brilliant sex
life, spent 20 years as a muscle head in my spare time, cramming in sleep was
something of a difficulty though – too busy having the best life I could
possibly imagine – eventually fell in love with my best buddy and we’ve been
knocking around together since forever and living together for the past 20
years.  WTF is it I am supposed to be busting a nut “hoping”
for?  I’m 70 next year, I’ve crammed two whole lifetimes into one already,
I don’t frankly give a damn if the music DOES stop – “non, je ne regrette


But it’s pointless to
engage with this barmy bitch.  Like the man said “Do not argue with
an idiot – she will drag you down to her level and beat you with


Jean Pierre


Some people hear voices. Some see invisible people.
Others have no imagination whatsoever.


Kern: It’s ’Hateful’ to Say Gays Are Born That Way

by Kilian Melloy

Monday Aug 1, 2011


Sally Kern

Time has done little to
mellow Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, judging by her latest comments about

The 64-year-old lawmaker
has offended African Americans and been caught entering the state capitol with
a gun on two occasions. But one of her biggest headline moments took place in
2008, when she addressed the College Republicans club at the University of
Central Oklahoma.

Kern called gays and
lesbians a “cancer,” and warned that they would bring civilization to
an end if granted legal and social equality. Kern claimed that societies that
have accepted homosexuality in the past “lasted [no] more than a few
decades,” and declared that America’s tolerance of homosexuals constituted
a “death knell of our country.”

Kern also claimed that
gays and lesbians were “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so
than terrorism of Islam,” and said that “gays are infiltrating city
councils…. They are winning elections.”

has deadly consequences for those people involved in it,” declared Kern,
who cited dubious “studies” purporting to show that being gay leads
to shorter life spans.

When a recording of her
comments was leaked, Kern found herself at the center of a firestorm. She refused to apologize for
her comments, however, stating that had she known her remarks were being
recorded, she would not have changed them.

“I will not back
down from what I believe the Bible teaches,” Kern said. She also claimed
not to have been “bashing” anyone with her comments.

A July 29 On Top
Magazine article reported that Kern has now written a book. “The Stoning
of Sally Kern,” about her experiences following the media uproar that took
place after her comments. Kern put in an appearance at American Family Radio to
plug the book, and bantered with another high-profile anti-gay figure, Tim
Wildmon, the head of the American Family Association.

The two joked about the
Christian tradition of compassion, before Kern offered the notion that to
acknowledge homosexuality as an innate and natural characteristic was
“hateful” because it suggests that gays cannot be “cured.”

“To me what is
hateful is when those people who say, ’You’re born this way. There’s no hope in
change. You’re stuck in this, deal with it,’ that is hate,” Kern said.
“There’s no hope in that.”

It is a point of
contention among anti-gay religious traditions that gay people
“choose” to be sexually and romantically attracted to members of
their own gender. Some such faith traditions offer “reparative
therapy” or even exorcisms as a means to “curing” gays and
making them heterosexual.


Mental health
professionals reject such claims, and warn that attempts to “convert”
or “cure” gays do not work. When such treatments do not work, they
can enhance feelings of shame and even drive gays toward suicide, health
experts say.

A growing body of
scientific evidence indicates that homosexuality is rooted in physiology and is
probably determined in the womb.

Kern did not explain why
she thought simply being gay made for a hopeless situation. But she did go on
to accuse gays of oppressing Christians and denying them their civil rights
while promoting sexual anarchy.

“We’re losing our
freedom of conscience,” Kern declared, going on to call “the
homosexual movement… the tip of the spear” in terms of sexual
immorality. “They’re the ones who right now are beating down the door,
have their foot in the door, trying to tear down the moral fiber of
America,” Kern added. “We have to stand up to that. The reason it’s
the tip of the spear you don’t see ’Adulterers Victory Fund’ out there trying
to promote adultery. God’s people got to stand up to this.”

Kern did not explain why
she seemingly thought gays motivate married heterosexuals to cheat on their
spouses. However, a common accusation from the anti-gay Christian element is
that granting gay individuals and families equal rights and protections before
the law would automatically erode the First Amendment rights of people who
condemn and denounce gays as a matter of their faith.

Kern has also offended
the African American community, declaring to her fellow state representatives
that the reason more black Americans are poorer than white Americans is because
blacks are lazy.

“We have a high
percentage of blacks in prison, and that’s tragic, but are they in prison just
because they are black or because they don’t want to study as hard in
school?” Kern said last April, during a House debate on doing away with
Affirmative Action in the state of Oklahoma, reported The Fifth Column on
April 28.

“I’ve taught
school, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn’t study hard because they
said the government would take care of them,” added Kern.

After Kern’s anti-gay
outburst, rumors circulated that her son, Jesse Kern, was gay. Jesse Kern
denied those rumors and said that he was celibate, but not homosexual.

When Kern was found to
be carrying a gun as she tried to enter the state capitol on two occasions, she
said that she had simply forgotten she had the firearm.

In 2009, a transgender
lawyer sought to win Kern’s seat, but was defeated


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