Advocate Article – Gays need drug intervention

COMMENTARY: Advocate contributor and porn entrepreneur Michael Lucas says a drug bust on a recent cruise suggests gay men have a collective problem with drug abuse — one tied to our image issues.

By Michael Lucas


COMMENTARY: The ship was called the Allure of the Seas, and it was billed by Atlantis as the “largest gay cruise ever.”

The real allure, for many on board, was a port called Nose-Candyland. This was a trip on the high seas all right, but the crystal waters turned into rough seas when a 51-year-old passenger was arrested on charges of dealing drugs in St. Thomas. Among the items discovered in Captain Coke’s room were 140 ecstasy pills, around three grams of crystal meth, some ketamine, and over $50,000 in cash. So another gay cruise turned into a drug-fueled overdose-a-rama.

I’m shocked.

What makes this episode particularly unfortunate was the fact that the mainstream press caught wind of it, and the likes of CNN and the Associated Press aired our dirty linens at full mast. This endearing display of what it means when gays “party and play” comes at the same time we’re trying to convince straight society of how deserving we are of marriage and the right to adopt children. These drug-bust episodes only give comfort to our enemies, who seek to portray gay people as irresponsible, self-indulgent, and drug-crazed party boys.

Imagine if you took kids on one of these gay drug cruises. Child protective services would have to send a rescue boat.

I think it’s sad that a bunch of tweakers have turned gay cruises into a punch line. But what’s downright depressing is the fact that we, as a community, treat such self-destructive and illegal behavior as normal and acceptable.

I went on a gay cruise once and saw it for myself. While we were boarding the ship in Fort Lauderdale, police came through with drug-sniffing dogs. People around me in line started dropping their drugs to the ground, hoping to pre-empt their baggies from being discovered.

Multiple times the cops shouted out “there’s a drop” and cordoned off the line so the dogs could try to trace the drug droppers. A few people were arrested.

Once on board, fellow passengers complained about the homophobic police and gave thanks for the fact that enough people were “smart” enough to more creatively smuggle their pills and powders on their persons. Or maybe it was in their persons. Yup, you know where


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